Corporate Social Responsibility


With the clear objective of accompanying and promoting the development of a consolidated society showing growth and strength, we share our CSR actions. They are aimed at making people aware about the need of taking care of the environment and at the development of our people and of our audiences of interest. At the same time, they are aimed at fostering and contributing to the sustained progress of all the attendants to the lectures with the commitment and constancy to achieve a more united and integrated world.

CSR Actions.

Committed to Road Education

For the fourth consecutive year, we received the Road Education Training and Outreach Department, who gave us road advice and encouraged us to adopt habits for responsible driving. Together we work in the education and prevention of road accidents.



Motivational Talk by Matias Franco

In March we shared a motivational talk with a friend advisor, Matias Franco, who with the premise `The 5 Things a Person Wants`, made us reflected on our behavior habits in collaboration with others, and how to strengthen our human relations.



Women's Day

On the occasion of celebrating International Women's Day, we honor on this day the women who belong to our work team and who accompany our collaborators every day. We share a talk on healthy eating habits by the Lic. In Nutrition Valentina Trinca and care and prevention of women's health by Dr. Mauricio Melano. As a company we want to raise awareness and promote actions that collaborate with a healthy lifestyle,and practices that promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.