About us


We are Grana – the company that specializes in the implementation of

engineering projects and corporate image.

Our main characteristic is that we offer an integrated service with high added value and with a way of working that is dynamic and flexible and offering tailor-made approaches for each customer according to its needs. The integration of our processes gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to satisfy the demands with guaranteed quality, innovation and satisfaction – all this with the support of 50 years of experience.


We are a professional organization specialized in offering integral solutions to engineering and corporate identity projects. With a highly cooperative spirit, we help our corporate customers communicate their image and position better and differentiate themselves through products and services with high added value.
Our best guidelines are the values of responsible work, ethics and a high service-oriented spirit.

With God as our inspiration, we wish to create value in a sustainable and continuous manner for our people and all our audiences, transcending in time.
We commit ourselves to achieving it by developing ourselves as leading, innovative and global referential suppliers and by giving integral solutions to engineering and corporate image projects.


Strategic pillars


Through the honest and open communication of our goals, the familiar relationship and the constant incorporation of new abilities, capabilities and skills.


The pushing spirit and the constant drive towards initiatives of the Grana family, makes us look for new markets, technologies, materials and innovative solutions relentlessly to always be at the vanguard of markets.


Successful companies are those which understand that specialization and building of strategic alliances with other organizations are the key components of sustainable growth and the achievement of continuous results. In Grana, we are able to provide our customers with answers thanks to the integration and cooperation actions we establish with companies that are related to our activities.

Our history

Rafaela is a city specially born from Italian immigrants – with a strong feeling towards effort and work culture. It is located in a plain which is the center of the most important dairy basin but it also features highly diversified industrial activities.


By the mid sixties, the artistic skills of Juan Carlos Grana together with his tenacity and deep work culture made him venture in the field of commercial drawings and signage. This turned him into a true brush artist. This enterprise allowed him to establish a business to offer services to many of the companies of Rafaela and the region.


As time went by, his effort, transparency, constancy and unwavering sense of responsibility towards work allowed him to take a leading position in the local market and offer products that were more and more complex and innovative.


By the mid-eighties, Gabriel Grana (the second generation) enters the business of commercial signage and lettering that had been started by his father. As of that moment, the company experiences an opening of its activities to cover the complete Republic of Argentina and to cater to corporate customers with ampler commercial activities.


This commercial thrust favored the company with a marked growth at all levels: an opening to international markets and new processes, products and services.


In 1999, we certified our quality system for ISO standards for the first time. Since that same year and uninterruptedly, we have been increasing our market share, developing and setting up turn-key projects in more than 18 countries in America and Africa.


As of 2005, the third generation begins to join the company. With all the family members and on solid Christian grounds, the dream of being a company that trespasses generations and stands in time becomes stronger.


During the last years, our company has grown in all its areas. This was achieved with the arrival of young professionals, high levels of investment for the incorporation of state-of-theart technologies, a modern integrated management system and continuous improvements in the working conditions of our staff.


Family, Christian values, effort, tenacity, corporate social responsibility and our people inspire us and motivate us to continue building a sustainable organization with global reach and with ample strengths, resources and skills to meet – with optimum results – the expectations of our customers and our audiences of interest.

Pichón Grana

Grana family